Jem Welsh - Fraud and Phony


Jem Welsh is a FRAUD.He poses as an accomplished nutritionist slash vitamin guru.

What a crock! He sells a diet plan to you for $500 and then you see the same plan on various sites on the internet and advertised on public television. He even tells his clients how he is a "bad" business man so that when things go south he can say he "told you so". As for all the "celebrities" that he claims to service..where are they Jem???

Shame on me for buying into the ***.I will tell everyone about this *** man!



Yes, I beg to differ as well!I have known Jem for a long time now and have always taken his advice and have applied it and have gotten great results!

I always turn to him when I need a kick start! Girl, it looks like you either didn't take his direction seriously or you can only blame yourself. You say that his plan is the same as tv and online?? Well, what do you think?

It is clean eating and it's all the same!

He is there to mentor you on your journey of goals.You got it wrong girly.

San Diego, California, United States #1222918

I beg to differ!!I interned for Jem and as he set me up in a plan, I got great results.

24% body fat to 17% in a week doing all supplements and eating clean!!

He is awesome.

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